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Please visit our new Nutmeg website at: https://sites.google.com/site/nutmegbookaward/  

What is the Nutmeg Children's Book Award?

The Nutmeg Book Award (NBA) encourages children in grades 2-12 to read quality literature and to choose their favorite from a list of ten nominated titles. The NBA is jointly sponsored by the Connecticut Library Association (CLA) and the Connecticut Association of School Librarians (CASL). The Nutmeg Committee is comprised of members of these two entities.

What criteria are used to select the nominees?  All books nominated for the Nutmeg Intermediate, Teen and High School awards must be: works of fiction, with appeal for readers in grades 4-6 or 7-8 or 9-12; copyrighted in the United States and first published no more than five years from date of selection; currently in print, and available in paperback; well-written, with strong characterization, vivid setting, striking language, a well-constructed plot, and a plausible conclusion.

All books nominated for the Nutmeg Elementary award must be: works of fiction or narrative nonfiction, with appeal for readers in grades 2-4; able to be read or enjoyed by readers in grades 2-4; copyrighted in the United States; first published no more than five years from date of selection; currently in print; well-written, with strong characterization, vivid setting, striking language, a well-constructed plot, and a plausible conclusion. Illustrations, if present, should enhance the story and accurately represent plot, setting, and characters. They should display artistic merit. Illustrations may, but need not, be a deciding factor in a book's inclusion or exclusion from a Nutmeg Selection list.  The following books will not be considered: Reprints, reissues, and other editions of earlier published works; series books (to be defined as either a group of 10 or more titles under the same series name and/or books written under a collective author or publisher imprint. Questions about this designation are to be decided by the Selection Chair and/or Selection Committee. The decisions of the Selection Committee are final.); wordless books; e-book only titles; books not generally available for purchase to schools and libraries through book vendors; single outlet books (available from only one source); books without a favorable review in SLJ, Kirkus, Hornbook, Booklist, or the Bulletin for the Center on Children's Books; and self published books unless they have been reviewed in more than one review journal (see above) and can be purchased through multiple book vendors.  The list will consist of 15 titles, no more than 8 of which may be nonfiction.

When will the next list of Nutmeg Book Award nominees be announced?

Each year, the new list of Nutmeg Book Award nominees is announced on May 1st to students and their parents.

I'm a librarian or a school media specialist.  Can I find out about the nominees before May 1st so I can have them ready in my library?

The nominees are announced annually to school media specialists and public librarians on February 14.

Those who receive advance notification (before May 1st) of the new list of titles agree to abide by the Nutmeg Book Award's confidentiality clause, which asks that school media specialists and librarians keep the titles confidential until the May 1st annual announcement.  This ensures that students receive the maximum enjoyment from the Nutmeg Book Award program.  The confidentiality agreement asks that no mention of the new titles be made on websites, emails, library catalogs, booksales, flyers, or any other method by which the general public could have access to the titles before May 1st.  We ask everyone's help in maintaining the confidentiality of new titles until May 1st.

By their participation in the Nutmeg Book Award,librarians, school media specialists, teachers, book sale organizers,and all other school-associated personnel agree to abide by theconfidentiality clause.  While slip ups do occur, by and large, our Nutmeg Book Award community does a phenomenal job of keeping the new titles secret for the sake of Connecticut children until the annual announcement date of May 1st. 

I'm a publisher, vendor, company with sales to libraries.  Can I have the list of titles early?

As our thank you to them, only sponsors receive the title list early.  Please see our Publisher FAQ page for more information. 

I'm an author and I think my work would make a great Nutmeg book.  How can I get the committee to consider including it among their nominees? 

Please see our Publisher FAQ page for details.

What committees and offices comprise the NBA?


Chair, Steering Committee
Co-Chair, Steering Committee
Past Chairs, Steering Committee
Chairs, Book Selection
Promotional Materials - Responsible for the mailing of promotional materials
Historian - Keeps a scrapbook of NBA information
Webmaster - Updates the Nutmeg Book Award website
Member at Large- assists where needed.


Book Selection Committees 2-4, 4-6, 7-8, 9-12 - Select the nominees for the Nutmeg Award
Steering Committee - Coordinates the NBA committees
Publicity Committee - Reports all NBA news to CASL, CLA, and others

What commitment is involved in serving on a NBA Committee?

All NBA committees meet 2-4 times per year in various places throughout Connecticut. Serving on most NBA committees does not require a great time commitment, but is very important to the functioning of the Nutmeg Book Award.

The Book Selection Committee requires the largest time commitment. From January through October, members will read approximately 100 titles and decide on a final list of 10 nominees in October. The initial lists of books to be read are compiled by the Book Selection Chair and must meet the required NBA criteria.  

Who should I contact if I want to serve on one of the NCBA committees?

Contact this year's Steering Co-Chairs 

How can kids in my school or library participate in the voting? How do I submit my library's votes?

Participation in the Nutmeg Book Award voting is free, and there is no need to pre-register.

Students in grades 4-6, 7-8, 9-12 vote by official NBA ballot in April for their favorite title at either their school or public library. Each institution may set up the voting as they see fit.  Some schools vote at town hall, some libraries have a ballot box, and many places have parties, special events, or other Nutmeg celebrations during April.  Each student may vote only once. Public and school librarians submit their institution's ballots on the Nutmeg website during the month of April.  Ballot and Tally forms are also available for download as PDFs by clicking on the Participation Link during March and April. 

Winners are announced on May 15.

How do I order NBA promotional materials such as spine labels or bookmarks?

See our promotional materials information page